Virtual Counsel

Carol K. Haugen, Attorney
Spokane, Washington 509-747-6033

Practical Legal Solutions for Business

Virtual Counsel law firm is focused on businesses – large or small – and individuals, providing practical, business-centric legal solutions.

Carol K. Haugen, a business attorney with experience ranging from in-house counsel and member of a management team to private practice, founded Virtual Counsel in 2004.

Grounded in Experience

Carol’s broad range of experience shapes Virtual Counsel’s philosophy and management at every step.

Unique Business Model

Virtual Counsel provides individuals and organizations with the experience and skills of an in-house or retained lawyer as needed, while by-passing high overhead costs.

Practical Yet Creative Advice

Carol understands the need for practical legal advice and creative business solutions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Carol takes the time to thoroughly understand each client’s specific needs, resulting in creative legal solutions and fee structures tailored to the client.

Virtual Counsel’s mission is to help you succeed! Contact Virtual Counsel for a free initial consultation.

Photo of Carol K. Haugen Carol K. Haugen is rated “Superb”, the highest rating by a firm that ranks lawyers, AVVO. visit

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